Symptoms That May Require a Laparoscopic Ovarian Cystectomy

Even though ovarian cysts are common in premenupausal woman, they can still cause some concern when symptoms appear. Not all symptoms are an emergency, however some require immediate medical attention.

A laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy is sometimes
recommended by a doctor as a method to rid a woman of ovarian cysts.
Even though this is a minimally invasive procedure, it is still
considered surgery, and with it comes a chance for both risks and

Ovarian cysts are commonplace in women who have
not yet reached menopause, and continue to have a menstrual cycle. The
majority of the cysts are called functional cysts, and they are usually
not a cause for concern.

In fact, during a menstrual cycle a
woman will develop small, fluid filled cysts that contain eggs on and
around the ovaries. Then, as her cycle evolves, the sacs break open and
the eggs are released into the fallopian tube. When the sac does not
open to release the eggs, it will continue to grow. Very often though,
this type of cyst will just go away on its own within one to three

Another type of functional cyst that may be present in
woman of child bearing age occurs when the sac does not dissolve, but
instead seals off while it continues to fill with fluid. This cyst also
disappears on its own most of the time. But, it can also grow to be
almost four inches, and may begin to cause pain, or other symptoms.

times, an ovarian cyst may make itself known by causing symptoms, which
in turn might prompt the physician to schedule a laparoscopic ovarian
cystectomy to not only remove the cyst, but to rule out the possibility
of cancer.

A doctor should be consulted immediately if a patient
experiences severe abdominal pain that comes on suddenly, or if that
pain is accompanied by vomiting or a fever. Also, do not delay getting
help if a rapid heartbeat occurs along with dizziness, faintness or

Other symptoms that may be present with an ovarian cyst, but that are not as critical as the aforementioned problems are:

~ swelling, pressure or pain in the abdomen

~ abnormal bleeding

~ nausea or vomiting

~ breast tenderness

~ dull ache in lower back

~ weight gain

~ pain during sex

~ more painful than usual periods

physician will perform a pelvic exam and if they suspect the presence
of a cyst, different methods of treatment will be discussed with the
woman. If surgery is the decided plan, a laparoscopic ovarian
cystectomy is preferred by both surgeons and patients, because the
recovery time is much shorter and the risks are much less than with a

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