Medical Transcription Certification For Recognized Competence

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With the constant growth in the medical industry, the demand for
Medical transcriptionists has also increased tremendously. However,
there is no formal qualification that is required to become a medical
transcriptionist but medical transcription certification courses,
distant learning courses, on-the-job training and diploma courses might
be pursued to understand the duties and required skills for this

There are two voluntary designations that are
awarded by AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity),
which is only regulatory body for medical transcriptionists. The
Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) and CMT (Certified Medical
Transcriptionist) are the two designations or certifications that are

Students who have just graduated or completed their
accredited education programs of the medical transcription or have an
experience of less than 2 years in the acute care can become the
registered RMT. The RMT certification credential is extended when a
candidate successfully passes the level 1 of the registered medical
transcription exam by AHDI.

On the other hand, the designation
of CMT require a minimum of 2 years experience of acute care in the
multiple specialty surgery aspects that uses different dictation types,
reports and formats. Also, it is important for the candidate to score
the passing marks required in the certification examination.

to the constantly evolving medical industry, medical transcriptionists
must keep their skills updated with the latest add-ons in the medical
industry. So, it is necessary for people with a RMT or CMT
certification to recertify themselves after every 3 years.

signifies a recognized competence and also boosts the confidence of
medical transcriptionists. But one must not forget that medical firms
or institutions consider your knowledge and skills above your
certification. Hence, certification helps if you have the necessary
skills and knowledge required by the medical transcriptionists.

RMT is an entry level certification, CMT is an advanced level of
certification for medical transcriptionists. Apart from the
understanding of the medical terminology, you must have good English
punctuation and grammar skills to get a CMT certified specialist along
with the passing of the CMT exam by AHDI. Proficiency or accuracy in
listening skills along with word processing software is also required.

may opt for medical transcription courses either in traditional
institutes or online to prepare for these RMT and CMT certification
exams. Diseases, pharmacology, physiology, anatomy and lab work are all
included in these courses. These courses enhance the skills of medical
transcriptionists so that they can clear their certification exams. You
will also learn about understanding medical documents such as patient’s
examination records, history, discharge papers and consultations.

you have got the medical transcription certification, you can then join
the continually evolving field of healthcare. Great job security is
assured to certified medical transcriptionists. You can hone your
skills in medical language even more once you start working. However,
the job opportunities available after these certifications are quite
challenging as you need to stay updated with the latest technology and
terminologies introduced in the medical field but this adds even more
fun and excitement to the job.

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